It is universally acknowledged that with the invention of modern lifestyle gadgets, people are living a lavish and luxurious life. People have become technosavvy. Due to this rapid enhancement in technology, there is advent of new concept that is telecommuting. It is worldwide phenomenon. It promotes greener pastures .It has amalgamation of both pros and cons.

The first step is to discern that it has many merits.


  • Dual benefits
  • where a person can work in flexible environment and manage domestic chores.
  • One will not squander money on transportation.
  • Increased in productivity.
  • Makes family bonds stronger.
  • Good nurturing of their children.
  • Best possible way to save money by leaps and bounds.
  • Reduces traffic, for example – Cities like New Delhi telecommuting can help in reducing traffic.
  • Last but not the least, It provides hassle free environment.

  • There are many misleading concepts regarding telecommuting
  • It leads to social isolation.
  • It can lead to loss of camaraderie
  • Arouses feeling of envy between colleague or volunteers.
  • Often problems pertaining to management mistrust, distraction and many security isssues. Like for an example- If one does telecommuting then there will be no privacy concern for the projects undertaken.

  • Conclusion:-

    Ultimately, it can be observed that though it has many adv. But it should be used wisely. Use of technology should be a boom for us and not a bane.
    It is truly said that education is third eye of human . There is no doubt about fact that formal education is rudementry step because it is the fundamental of education. “Education is like a companion which no future can depress, no crime can destroy and enemy can isolate. It is segregated in to two camps. According to educationalist study in the group definitely surpass the study when it comes to isolate study.

    First of all people can mimic ideas and get fruitful results

    BODY PARA- 01

    • It also broadens the horizon.
    • It enhances cognitive skills.
    • This also enhances right spirit of competition.
    • It destroys feeling of envy.
    • One can improve communication skills.
    • Share cultural information, lifestyle and experience.
    • Promotes camaraderie environment.
    • Learn leadership qualities for Ex- Make project under one leader

    BODY PARA- 02

    • While studying alone
    • Not be constrained by anyone.
    • Not deviate due to peer pressure.
    • Do whatever you want. Ex:- they will not practice debauchery(corruption).
    • Achieve competent result.
    • Not squander money on tutor and in school fees.
    • Manage time according to the work.
    It is said if there is no struggle there is no success.
    One can get more knowledge.
    In the ultimate analysis, people have voluntary habit both systems are valid. Students can choose according to their choice.
    “ some people think that too many cooks will spoil the soup” so they prefer students should study alone.
    In the modernized technology era of Gizmos and gadgets, It has given birth to a new concept of television. There is no denying fact that television is one of the stupendous invention by “Philo Taylor fransworth”. As it is rightly said that television has to be the part of people’s life, not there only part of people of life”. Television has become a boom for humanity whereas on the other hand of spectrum it has severe consequences.

    The first aspect is that it has benefitted us in leaps and bounds. There are number of news channels which telecast the news in fraction of seconds which tell us about the current affairs through video, audio aids. There is cut throat competition between channels to attain TRP’s (target rating programmes) so, there is great hustle and bustle among producers. Some channels are exposed to western culture , food and other educational programmes. Also provide a mimic of job prospects and help us to wind us to our roots by showing different festivals.

    • Other side is that it diverts individual’s mind and this leads to crime like juvenile delinquency and practice debauchery.
    • Excessive use has become a curse for humanity.
    • It leads to social isolation, inactive sedentary lifestyle.
    • Serials such as daily soaps, sitcoms result in side tracking the studies among children.


    From these arguments, we conclude that pros are over cons. It has given fruitful uses to society whereas its excessive use has made children cough potatoes. Government should have censorship on vulgar channels and must step forwarded to provide 100% authentic content.
    It is ubiquitously known phenomenon.

    • Coined as gang culture.
    • This practice is burgeoning in vibrant society as well as in remote areas due to unforeseen circumstances.
    BP- 01:-

    First step to discern is that there is ample of reasons behind this antecedent activity.

    Firstly, political injustice is major concern of this practice when Homo sapiens deprived from their quotidian needs like education, job opportunities and so on as well they are discriminated by the government. In this situation they create pugnacious (aggressive) atmosphere inform of vandalism.

    Secondly, in materialistic era everyone wants to become more elite overnight so they select illegal way to earn money in leaps and bounds to cater their needs in short time. For epitome, in case o excess debauchery they break private as well as public property especially schools.

    Finally, cultural diversity is an another major cause sometimes people get rebellious in religious places and they become violent in order to deteriorate the historical places.

    • Interestingly, there are solutions that can rectify this problem.
    • By improving job profile with equal job opportunities.
    • Installing surveillance cameras.
    • Parents should keep proper check on their children.
    • Awareness campaigns are remarkable idea to educate and counsel the youngsters at curriculum level.


    To encapsulate , this obstacle can be solved with the help of community specially with the participation of youth government must chalk out some protocols which they must follow.