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IEL focusses on imparting learning for overall development of an individual. IEL aims to forge ahead and bring proficiency in the English language. To be the best spoken English Institute in Noida, IEL makes effort to provide effective learning at a reasonable fee. For being the best IELTS coaching centre in Noida, IEL tries to customise the way of learning for each student, and work together to overcome the flaws and hindrance. To get efficient, IEL adapts logical and proven practices in order to attain the objective of delivering quality IELTS training in Noida. Our faculties give new scope and exposure to IELTS aspirants by using scientific teaching methods and highly optimised techniques in a conducive atmosphere.

IEL focusses on language proficiency and overall associated development.

The journey to the IELTS success with IEL!

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International English Learning

Reasons to Settle Upon

  • Study through a combination of both online classes and offline activities.
  • Complete solution for both General & Academic IELTS preparation.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed at affordable price
  • Personalised assistance for all the four modules
  • Wider time frame for working professionals
  • Elaborative and customised classes for Basic level learners
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Key Features

IELTS Training by Experienced and Specialists
  • Teachings with empathy and patience
  • Evolving environment
  • Constant Progress Feedback
  • 99% Success Rate
  • Result Oriented Teaching
  • Focus on Other Sub Parameters
Online and Offline Classes
  • Real-time classes
  • Provision of recorded videos
  • Tailor-Made Strategies
  • Continuous Evaluation
  • Customised Course Curriculum
  • Can opt for both as per convenience
Flexible Timing
  • Wide timeline to adjust
  • Free to change slot
  • Get assessment checked anytime
  • weekdays & weekends slot
  • Early morning to late evenings options

Our IELTS Courses

IELTS Crash Course

An integrated course for all the four modules. Available for those who need rapid and intense IELTS training. It covers complete guidance and extra weekend classes.

Fee Rs. 7500/-

  • Duration 2-3 Weeks
    Flexible Time Options
  • Mode Online or Offline Training
    Ono-to-one Training
  • Curriculum Learning of Basic structure in 2 days (Guidelines to Improve the overall scoring)
  • 5 Mock Tests every Week with continuous evaluation(innumerable books and handouts for Practices.)

*The mentioned fee is for the complete course and include GST

Most PopularIELTS Classes

A tour of hands-on-techniques on all the 4 modules. It includes personal guidance on each sub area by IELTS Specialists and others, if and when required. It is an intense training program to achieve 7.5+ Bands.

  • Fee Rs. 12500/-
  • Duration 6-8 Weeks
    Flexible time options
  • Mode Indept Learning of this Structure and Method.
  • Curriculum Learning of Basic structure in 2 days (Guidelines to Improve the overall scoring)
  • Vocabulary Discussion Session
  • 3 Mock Tests every Week with Evaluation(innumerable books and handouts for Practices.)
  • Expertise training for Advance Grammar
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Covers All Probable topics that comes in Exam (for speaking and Writing)
  • Regular Counselling

*The mentioned fee is for the complete course and include GST

IELTS Single Module Training

A vigorous training, concentrating on one or more than one module. A complete understanding of the chosen module is provided to make the overall score higher.

Fee Rs. 6000/- 1 to 1 for Single Module

  • Duration 3-4 Weeks
  • Mode Online or Offline Training
  • Curriculum Learning of Basic structure (Guidelines to Improve the overall scoring)
    Advanced Grammar Classes, if required
  • Flexible time options
  • Weekdays or Weekends Classes
  • Ono-to-one Training
  • Innumerable practice sessions
  • 4 Mock Test for all modules with Evaluation(Free)

*The mentioned fee is for the complete course and include GST

“ The JOURNEY to Score High with IEL”

Assessment for all Modules > Briefing of the Structure > Practice Papers with Evaluation > Ready to get your score
Flexible Timing
Free Mock Tests
IELTS Faculties
Quality Learning
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Frequently Asked Questions

It starts with briefing of the structure of all the modules (Listening, reading Writing and Speaking) followed by rigorous practice and constant evaluation(with debriefing) from day 1, at least 25 sets to 30 sets to get the learning ball rolling and make a student come in a habit of scoring high bands. As practice is the best way of learning.
We believe in giving one to one training so that we can focus on the learner specifically and one does not get disturbed by others as different students come with different levels.
We give a free Assessment. We do not believe in giving a trial as we are confident enough in our training program, hence the very first class we will start training you, however, we believe in you and you can pay the fees once you are satisfied.
If you are focused and proactive, continuous practice will make it possible to achieve a score in 2 to 6 weeks.
They assess your proficiency in English and not your specialist knowledge in any particular subject. If you allocate enough time to practice the different modules and follow our advice and guidance, you can excel in the test.

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